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Hello, I am an Artist, Designer and Maker based in Newport, South Wales.

I have been painting and making art for over 20 years. Predominately being a painter, my work also encompasses a variety of mediums; including Video and 3D.

The main focus of my practice is the Urban Landscape. I am fascinated by its dynamic ability to affect our mental state through colour and composition.

Although I can trace the emergence of it as a subject in my work, pre-2001, it wasn't until studying as an undergraduate that my ideas about the urban landscape were fully formulated. W. Clement Stone once wrote "You are a product of your environment". Generally the rest of the quote is often forgotten about and although maybe relevant, it was this single line that got me thinking about how we perceive the urban landscape. My work highlights the way in which we look at the built environment; not only as a place to dwell, but as an entity that is able to influence us, as much as we influence it.

Vision is one of our principal senses and without it we would not be able to fully appreciate the marvels we have constructed.

I studied at Newport school of Art, Media and Design; completing a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, Contemporary Media ( 2004); followed by a Masters degree in Fine Art (2007). From there I went on to work as a Senior Fabrication Technician within NSAMD. Leaving there in 2013, I am currently focusing on my art practice and casually working as a Technician Demonstrator at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

I hope you enjoy my work, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries (works in progress are posted on my facebook page).

Hosshaus is the commercial side of my creativity. Here you'll find a variety of handmade items. Bespoke objetcs are also available, please get in touch with any queries (I am currently working on this side of the website)



One Price Art Exhibition, 2014 - Barnabas House Arts Centre.

Landandscapes, 2014 - Group exhibiton exploring the world around us at Upmarket Galleries.

NPT, 2013 – Solo exhibition. Showcasing the third series of the Urban Composition Series.

Rat-Trap, 2010 - A collective artist lead exhibition to tantalise the senses at the old Co-op bank, Newport.

Roland, 2010 - A joint exhibition; exploring the urban landscape at the old Coral Bookies, Newport.

7+1, 2004 - A collective exhibition of staff and students work at the Artavia Gallery as part of The Caerleon Arts Festival.

Red Letters, 2002 - A site-specific piece exhibited at Newport Council Tax office and Lloyds TSB call centre, Newport. Working in collaboration with Tom Smith.

Commissioning Maff

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I have completed a small number of private commissions and I am happy to accept more. Please contact me with as much detail as possible of the work you have in mind, size (in mm), subject, style etc. From there we can build a dialogue that will enable me to visualise your idea. I will do my best to respond promptly to any requests.

Commissions are completed in three stages; consultation, design and execution.